I show you space multivariance

We have multidimensional. In one moment many developments are happening. I mean physical and mental objects. The same sityation for all people is differents. Same situation is not identically. Differentt perception influence for form and change perception others. I show it on my skill for art. If you see on canvas for distance you can choice. Position of elements is everywhere not form is one. The same element located on a few space simultaneously. And when you come around the elements to decide
I reflect attention to reality, or reality itself. In my works there is a pattern and randomness in a simultaneous manner. If you route attention to the moments in life, when you see the connection of things. You can understand the pattern, there is an admission, it is interesting. But if you have a chaos, there is no logical construction, not interesting. Usually we do not do business when we do not understand the essence. In reality, a lot of incomprehensible and just as much simple. Balance in the middle. These lines move in an unrecognized direction. Ambiguously where they came from, but at the same time they have a certain directionality, tilt amplitude and other clear things that can be disassembled. But it will always remain incomprehensible, what needs to be disassembled further. This is the middle that I show. a piece of reality.